Miles Darcy

Viscount - Cresthaven


Mid 30’s
Left Eye: Green
Right Eye: Dark Brown


Miles Darcy is the chief landowner of Cresthaven and the Sparkling Mountain. He owns the rights of much of the mountain as well as the mining operation within, Darcy Mining Company. The mining operation has recently proven very successful producing many valuable ores and gemstones, making Miles Darcy very prosperous. Waterdeep has noticed the riches that have come from these mountains and have given Darcy a viscountship and made Cresthaven an official extension of Waterdeep.

Darcy is a simple man. He knows so much about mining that the dwarves are impressed. There are some who even joke that had he been a Dwarf, he’d have been made king. His nicknames, “Miles the Miner” or “Rock Darcy” are justified and accurate.

He has found himself a bit in over his head being made a viscount. He is not accustomed to this new world of politics and feels that the nobles in Waterdeep may look to exploit that fact in hopes to gain the riches within the mountains near Cresthaven.

Miles Darcy

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