Cresthaven is a small but quickly growing village to the east of Waterdeep about five days ride. It is nestled at the foot of the Sparkling Mountain. The mountain has two high ridges that surround Cresthaven like two arms holding a basket. Cresthaven’s location makes mining much easier and accessible.

The reason for the rapid growth of Cresthaven is simple. Mining. The Darcy Mining Company has struck rich and is extracting all sorts of riches from Sparkling Mountain. From gold and silver to a variety of gemstones, the wealth of the mountain is plenty and runs deep, attracting people from far and wide.

The town of Cresthaven used to be a very quaint and humble place with a few farmers and miners. It has been turning into something quite different as of late. Many shops, inns, taverns and brothels have been opening and many new homes have been and are continuously being built.

Cresthaven Keep is the home to the newly appointed viscount, Miles Darcy. The keep is expanding and undergoing renovations.


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