My name is Otis Dulais and I am counsel to the Viscount Miles Darcy of Cresthaven.

Viscount Miles Darcy requests an audience with you at Cresthaven Keep on the twelfth day of the new moon. I cannot disclose much of the meeting’s purpose other than that Viscount Darcy is looking for skilled, loyal and determined persons to serve under his employ and you have been noted as being an individual of possessing such qualities among many other useful skills and talents.

If you are not familiar with Cresthaven, it is a small but rapidly growing community that lies East of Waterdeep at about five days ride. Nestled amongst the Sparkling Mountain, the keep is growing as quickly as the surrounding community. By the time you reach Cresthaven Keep, no doubt it will be undergoing many renovations and expansions. The viscount apologizes in advance for the disorder.

The Viscount looks forward to your arrival to discuss matters further.

In the service of Viscount Miles Darcy of Cresthaven,
O. Dulais


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