Moira Darcy

The adopted ward of the Viscount Miles Darcy


17 years old


Moira came into Miles Darcy’s care by chance. Six years ago Miles was traveling from Cormyr back to Cresthaven when he came across a wrecked wagon. There were items strewn about the road and blood stained the ground. There had been a bandit attack on an unsuspecting family. Miles searched through the wreckage and carnage to find a man, woman and a small boy all had been murdered. A short distance away, among some brush Miles heard crying. It was Moira. Miles took her in and raised her.

At the time of her parents’ deaths she was 11 years old. That was six years ago, making her 17.

She was obsessed with learning how to wield a sword. She begged Miles to let her learn to fight so that she would not be so helpless the next time trouble crossed her path. Despite his reservations, Miles gave her all the lessons she wanted and hired many renowned swordsmen to teach Moira how to use a blade.

Belinda and Phedren have attempted to befriend Moira in Cresthaven with limited success as she has proven to be tight-lipped and closed off.

Moira Darcy

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